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USA Haidong Gumdo Seminar Second half of year 2012

Dear Masters

(22nd Oct. ~ 13rd Nov. / 23 Days)

We’ll open second half U.S. HDGD seminar 22nd Oct. ~ 13rd Nov.

Attending a seminar is HDGD master’s duty, not a choice.

You’ll be learn Real sword Fighting, Hosin-Gumdo, Bamboo/Paper Cut and your Gumbub this time.

I really want make great time with HDGD Masters.

See you there.
Thank you.

Jeong Woo Kim
USA Headmaster / World Fed. Chief of Education / Headquarters Headmaster
Office : 82-31-714-4471,2
Cell: 82-10-8777-4471
Email : /
Website :

Seminar Contents

  1. Real Fighting Part 1, 2 (Prepare federation Sponge(form) Sword)
  2. Hosin-Gumdo Part 1 (Self-defense with short sword)
  3. Demonstration Part 1
  4. Bamboo and Paper Cutting skill
  5. Gumbub (review Yedo Gumbub No.1~9 and learn your own Gumbub)


  • Masters Training/ New Masters Candidates/ Masters and Student Black Belt Test/ Masters Meeting/ Visit School/ Student Seminar else...


  • Send to me test application before 4 weeks
  • All Masters can order real sword to Master Kim by email, then send to you the sword
  • before the seminar (Pay to Master Kim in USA)
  • Seminar host master per state make plan, send to me and other masters.
  • Spread USA seminar plan by website, email. SMS, SNS(facebook, Twitter....)
  • Every Masters Prepare Sponge Sword for learning New Sword Fighting skill
  • Complete(pay) your membership payment 4th Dan and 5th Dan

Seminar Schedule

  1. Los Angeles, California : 22nd ~ 26th Oct.
  2. Dallas, Texas : 26th Oct. ~ 1st Nov.
    (Host by Master Julian Vasquez 972-898-5243)
  3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : 1st ~ 6th Nov.
    (Host by Master Frank Bergman 267-254-0222)
  4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania : 6th ~ 12st Nov.
    (Host by Master Peter Oien 724-834-4033)

Flight Schedule

  1. Los Angeles, California : 22nd ~ 26th Oct.
    DELTA 7861* LV 8:00pm INC AR 2:25pm LAX
  2. Dallas, Texas : 26th Oct. ~ 1st Nov.
    DELTA 4745* LV 10:18am SNA AR 1:07pm SLC
    DELTA 1565* LV 1:45pm SLC AR 5:10pm DFW
  3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : 1st ~ 6th Nov.
    DELTA 3463* LV 11:55am DFW AR 1:28pm MEM
    DELTA 5418* LV 2:24pm MEM AR 5:49pm PHL
  4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania : 6th ~ 12nd Nov.
    DELTA 3436* LV 1:30pm PHL AR 3:23pm CVG
    DELTA 4929* LV 4:00pm CVG AR 5:11pm PIT
  5. Incheon, Korea : 12nd Nov.
    DELTA 3569* LV 10:20am PIT AR 11:30am DTW
    DELTA 159 LV 12:25pm DTW AR 4:25pm Tue 13 SEOUL-INCHEON
USA Haidong Gumdo Seminar-
First half of year 2012 (23rd March ~ 15th May / 55 Days)

Dear US HDGD Masters

Hello, sir.

This is U.S. HDGD seminar schedule first half of 2012 If you have any question let me know that by phone call or email I hope meet every US masters this time and training all together.

6th World Championships will be held in Korea in July. President Kim and I hope every US masters be there.

See you soon.

Thank you.



Headmaster Jeong Woo Kim

Master Jeong Woo Kim
World Fed. Chief of Education
USA Asso. Head Master
Headquarters Head Master
Office : 82-31-714-4471,2
Cell : 82-10-8777-4471
Email : /
Website :

Please contact the seminar host in advance to register.

Seminar Schedule

South Korea, February 27, 2012

Dear Masters,

Through this letter we would like to inform you about the upcoming World Championship.

The "6th World Haidong Gumdo Championship" will be held in Gangwon Province, South Korea. The year 2012 is the year in which we mark the 30th anniversary since the establishment of Haidong Gumdo in 1982. In order to make this occasion truly a great success, we ask you for your utmost best in raising a high interest for this event so that many people will be able to be a part of this important event.

Apart from the championship a fun and educational program has been set up, in order for you to get the most out of your stay here. You can find the detailed program on the next page.

The official registration form with the exact participation fee will be sent to you as soon as possible.

We would like to ask you to forward this information to all students who are interested in participating in the 6th World Haidong Gumdo Championship.

In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the World Haidong Gumdo Federation.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Korea.

World Haidong Gumdo Federation
Tel: +82-31-714-4471
Fax: +82-31-715-5433

Registration and payment must be received by May 30th, 2012.

World Championships Outline (.doc) 228k

World Championships Registration (.doc) 68k

World Championships Schedule (.doc) 740k

April 23rd, 2009-
If you would like anything posted on the U.S. Haidong Gumdo website such as tournaments, seminars, videos or pictures of events, please email it to for consideration.